Barton Hill Hotel & Spa - Lewiston, New York, 14092, United States

Lewiston Film Festival

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All films shown at Barton Hill Hotel & Spa

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Friday, April 1st at 7:00pm

1. Jack is Pretty - Short/Fantasy/Mystery (27min)
2. The Duel of Wine (el due lo del vino) - Feature Film (92min) INTERMISSION
3. Der Alte Mann Und Die Katze (The Old Man and the Cat) - Short (10min)
4. Kirschkuchen - Short (24min)
5. Cold Nights Hot Salsa - Documentary (61 min)

Saturday, April 2nd at 2pm

1. Iroquois Creation Story - Short/Comedy/ Adventure/Family (17min)
2. The Incredible Adventures of Jo Jo- Feature Film (77min) INTERMISSION
3. Mothers Day - Short/Drama/Family (7min)
4. Pop up - Feature Film (92min)

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Saturday, April 2nd at 7pm

1. Wir Konnten, Wir Solten, Wir Hatten Doch (We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn't)- Short/Comedy (12min)
2. Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story- Feature Film (112min) INTERMISSION
3. Schattenboxer - Short/Drama (18min)
4. Despite the Falling Snow- Feature Film (118min)

$10 per person I per time slot
Tickets available at door based on availability.

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Co-Sponsor: The Barton Hill Hotel & Spa
Offering Special Weekend Packages for all BNFF film festivals.
Co-Sponsor: 700 Bistro & Cafe
Offering artisan snacks and beverages.

Barton Hill Hotel & Spa
100 Center Street
Lewiston, New York, 14092, United States
Call: 716-754-9070


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